Losing your hair?

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On 3 months our test panel got their hair back. Look at the results on the pictures below. This new super cure is being produced at an herb farm. Direct from Norway. We ship world wide, with FREE shipping.

Clair’s only contain safe nature products. The hair cure contains a DHT extermination tool known as Saw palmetto (LSESR) which reduces hair loss and opens your hair sacks again. Clair’s has been so popular that it has been sold out on the health and hairdresser shops in France, Australia, Canada, Chicago, Dallas ,Hollywood and Norway. 9 of 10 users get’s a positive result. The remaining does often have a hair sickness.

The Hair cure that will completely
change your life

The hair cure can also be used on people with cancer that have lost all their hair because of cell poisoning

What else does this product contain?

Aloe Vera and Jojoba. Or the Miracle plants as many peoples refer to it. They call them the miracle plant because they contain very many minerals and vitamins

How to use Clair’s hair cure?

It is very simple. Wash your hair before you go to bed and apply 3-6 drops on the area you wish to cure. Massage the aromatic product well into your head bottom and wash your hair when you wake up the next morning. You have to do this everyday for 3 months.

Who looses hair?

About 100 000 woman and 400 000 Norwegian men suffers from hair loss. 40% of all men have hair loss in varying degrees by the age 35 years. 60% of men in their 60’s have visible hair loss. The hair loss will increase with your age.

What about the shampoo's you get at the pharmacy?

No LED brush, shampoo or a magical pill can’t bring your hair back. It will maybe increase your blood supply in your head bottom, but this only means that more DHT cells will attack more of your hair sacks and you lose even more hair.

Don’t try hair cures in tablet form. This often cause side effects such as reduced power, painful urinating, less sex drive, headache, abdominal pain, diarrhea, nausea and constipation.

They cost much and help little. All they do is deep cleansing of the head bottom, but it does not block DHT cells that attack the head bottom.

What is the reason why men lose hair?

Hair Loss starts usually in the 20-30 years of age and follows a characteristic pattern. You hair will be formed like a M. remaining hair is often finer and grow slower. Some men are sensitive to the male hormone androgen. The hormone can make the hair sacks to shrivel. Finally the hair sacks are so small that they are not able to produce more hair, but the hair sacks are still alive.

Clair’s hair cure opens the hair sacks again. You also lose their hair by iron deficiency, poor diet, stress, cell poisoning and stress.

Hair loss for woman?

Women can also lose their hair, especially if baldness is prevalent in the family. The female variant is often limited to the top of the head. Instead of large hair loss, women often only get thinner hair.
Women can also lose hair from:

Pulling and dragging in your hair over time can destroy your hair and give Hair Loss. By tightening pony tails or using hair roles your hair mount can move backwards.

Also with pregnancies, diseases in the thyroid gland, venereal diseases, high fever, diabetes, arthritis, Iron deficiency, infections, and concluded treatment of oral contraceptives.


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Bottles only 699 NOK (about $81)
Bottles only 999 NOK (about $115) (anbefalt)

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